Natalie Husband - Philosophy & Religious Studies

What made you decide to do the Enterprise and Employability Award?

The Award was introduced to me through the StepTemps Program, which I applied to because I wanted to try to do a few jobs around the University, such as the Open Days, in order to gain experience and earn some money. However, even prior to this I was interested in doing a similar Award to this, as I thought it would help to improve my employability and make my CV look more appealing to employers.

How easy was it to get started on the Award?

It was pretty easy to get started on the Award, once I signed onto the StepTemps Program and attended an introductory session. I was able to complete the required work experience hours from my volunteering in a local primary school, which was a placement during my Volunteering in Action module. 

What did you enjoy most about the Award?

I think that the most enjoyable aspect of the Award for me was the work experience at the primary school, because I enjoyed working with both the pupils and the staff.

What was the most useful thing you produced or learnt?

I think that there were three very useful things that I learnt during the Award. Firstly, I learnt how to both create and present my CV, so that it would be more appropriate and appealing to employers.  Secondly, I learnt how to effectively talk and write about my skills, using the STAR System. Lastly, I learnt how to create and structure an efficient and effective career action plan.

How has the Award helped you with your career planning and development?

The Award has helped me to further make up my mind that I would like to find a job in the teaching industry, because during my placement, I discovered that I really enjoyed being a teaching assistant/classroom helper and I would like to do something similar as a full time career. Additionally, it also helped me to narrow down age ranges of who I would like to work with. Lastly, the Award also helped me to create a suitable and achievable plan, which should help me achieve my career goal.

If you have secured a job since completing it, how did the award help with this process?

I have not yet secured a job since completing the Award, though I believe that it has definitely made me more employable.

What advice would you give to others considering the Award?

I would advise other students who are considering the Award to go to the other non-compulsory workshops, as well as the compulsory workshops that the Career Centre offers to those doing the Enterprise and Employability Award. Lastly, I would advise that students who are considering this Award start keeping a record of all their work experience hours, as these can then be used for one of the tasks as part of the Award.