Alexandra Hitch – BSc (Hons) Psychology

Alex is also currently working as a sessional worker at Let Us Play, a charity set up to support disabled children and their families and works part-time for the university working on reception at the Business School carrying out various office duties.

What made you decide to do the Employability Award?

When I entered my final year of my degree I was unsure of what path I wanted to take once my studies were complete and so when I heard about the award I thought it may help me to focus my skills and abilities and find a career path that suits me. At the time I started the award I had not carried out thorough research into finding a job and so when I started to work through the assessments I was soon focussed onto my career interests and found that there were many jobs I would be interested in going into. 

How easy was it to get started on the award?

The award is very easy to get started on as you can do it little by little and so it does not interfere with your studies; I began by re-writing my CV to get it up to a graduate standard. I then went on to complete the skills analysis alongside the careers action plan, by completing these two assessments together I was able to make a decision on what type of job study to focus on. The job study and presentation followed on from this nicely and I felt as though the process of completing the award had helped me to develop my own knowledge of the job field I am interested in working in too.

What was the most enjoyable part of the award for you?

The most enjoyable part of the award for me was feeling myself becoming more confident and growing through the process with the help and guidance of the careers staff. From starting out with a basic CV and limited knowledge of the job sector I wished to work in I have developed skills to research and take up opportunities that are available.

What was the most useful thing you learned/ produced?

My careers action plan was the most useful document I produced through this experience as it helped me to focus my plans for my future and is a useful tool to look back to when unexpected opportunities come along.

How has the award helped you with your career planning and development?

The award has helped me to utilise the services and tools that are available both at the university and online, by completing this award I am set up for interviews with a good knowledge of the skills I am able to put towards various jobs.

If you have secured a job since completing it, how did the award help with this process?

When starting the award I was also enrolled on the STEP Temp scheme at the university where I had been working in the student shop in MD building; once I had gained confidence about the skills that I had to offer I had a successful interview at the Business School where I was appointed as receptionist. Once my contract was completed I was asked to stay on at the Business School, in my extended time I was able to pick up new tasks to complete in order to extend my skills set for future opportunities. Overall this was a great opportunity that opened up for me that started with gaining confidence in the employability award which I would not have gained without exploring myself.

What advice would you give to others thinking of starting the award?

If you are thinking of starting the award my advice is ‘What have you got to lose’. The award is very relaxed and easy to start, it does not interfere with your studies and it will help you to become more employable. It was one of the best opportunities I took up at university.