Working with children and families

If you are interested in studying, currently studying or just completed a degree in either education, family studies or early childhood studies and wondering about your career options or how to get that first graduate job, have a look at the following careers information. You can also visit our Careers Centre, where we hold information on getting into a career working with children and families. If you'd like to discuss your career aspirations, you can arrange a careers interview with us.

What career options are there with my degree?

There are a range of opportunities involving work with children, families and the services that support them in the areas of education, social care and charity.

If you are considering work in this area, visit the site for Department for Education where you will find information on current issues, future developments and general advice on entering this sector of employment. For ideas and an overview on specific job roles using your degree see the Prospects website.

Jobs with Childhood & Family studies

Here are some examples from the Prospects website of the different roles graduates with an education/childhood studies related degree can aspire t

What do childhood  and family studies graduates do?

This is what some recent University of Wolverhampton graduates were doing six months after finishing their course.

  • Creche coordinator
  • Community activities officer
  • Nursery manager
  • Early years coordinator
  • Pre-school manager
  • Nursery nurse
  • Childcare practitioner
  • Teaching assistant

Where can I find jobs and work experience?

The following is a list of websites targeting jobs and issues around education, young people and families:

In order to broaden your careers horizon, you may also find the teaching and education job sector helpful on the prospects website.

Additional training

Graduates of childhood studies and similar subjects have the opportunity to undertake a validation pathway to achieve the Early Years Professional Status. For further details go to the Department for Education's children and young people section.

Further Information

It is very important for students to find out as much as possible about their chosen sector of work and keep up to date with the latest developments. The following sites should be useful for this purpose and could also act as excellent resources for coursework: