Teaching in a Non-School Setting

If you're interested in teaching in a non school setting and are wondering about your career options and how to to get that all important first job, have a look at the following information for guidance. If you'd like to talk anything through, you can arrange a careers interviewwith us.

What career options are there?

There are many roles available which require teaching skills outside the traditional classroom setting. These can include private tutoring, working with the arts, environmental education, education in hospitals, education for travellers, adult education, music teaching or working with the prison service.

Anyone contemplating this type of work should go to the Excellence Gateway or Skills for Care & Development  where there is a wealth of information and tips on entry as well as access to specific education related careers advice. For some ideas on specific roles using your degree see Prospects options with education studies.

Teaching in a non school setting job profiles

Here are some examples from the prospects website of roles graduates with a degree in education are suitable for:

What do education graduates do?

This is what some recent University of Wolverhampton graduates were doing six months after finishing their course:

  • Learning support worker
  • Learning manager
  • Education manager
  • Lecturer
  • Inclusion mentor
  • Physical training instructor
  • Training and development officer
  • Family learning tutor
  • RAF instructor
  • Key skills tutor

Where can I find jobs and work experience?

Job hunting websites specifically focused on the education/teaching sector are listed below, along with other websites which you may find useful.

Further information

It is very important for students to find out as much as possible about their chosen sector of work and keep up to date with the latest developments.The following sites may be useful for this purpose and could also act as excellent resources for coursework: