Getting your first Teaching Job

This page is for students who are working towards Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) or graduates who have recently obtained QTS; it contains advice and information about getting your first teaching job.

If you are interested in how to become a teacher, please visit our teacher training page.

Do your research

When pursuing teaching opportunities with either QTS or NQT status, it is important to think about the school environment you wish to work in. You may want to research factors such as the location, size, reputation, aspirations of the school and your own role in the school. If you want to get a better understanding of different types of schools then you may want to consider a period of supply work.

The selection process

In addition to choosing the right educational environment, the application form and the ensuing interview process may also pose a challenge for applicants seeking teaching jobs. Once again, researching the school in the context of the above issues and your reasons for wanting to teach will definitely help.

Supply teaching


  • With some agencies there will be the facility of working towards NQT status.
  • Flexibility and variety of work on offer.
  • Experience of teaching in different types of schools and local education authorities.
  • Opportunity to fit in with a portfolio career plan which allows you to sample other careers simultaneously.
  • Choice of geographical area(s) you wish to work in.
  • Not being contracted to any particular school or education authority may allow you to pursue other travel or leisure plans.


  • Some agencies may not be able to provide you with the stability or sufficient length of time to achieve NQT status.
  • Working irregular hours in different schools may make it difficult to build rapport or credibility with students or schools.
  • Going in and out of different schools and classrooms may give you a feeling of isolation.
  • Agency workers don’t always have the same salary, pension, holiday arrangements or working conditions as staff on permanent contracts.
  • There may be the need to learn and get used to different procedures, pupils and colleagues to work with.

Teaching in schools job profiles

The prospectswebsite is an excellent source of information, providing details of entry requirements,salary bands, training, job hunting sites and career progression.Here are the profiles related to teaching in schools:

Where can I find jobs?

Job hunting websites specifically focused on the teaching sector are listed below, along with other websites which you may find useful.

You may also find the Prospects teaching and education job sector useful.

Further Information