Animals, Plants and the Land

Studying a subject in any one of the areas related to animals, plants and the land can lead to diverse, exciting, adventurous and life-fulfilling careers, that may also offer opportunities for working abroad. They are all growth areas with emphasis on wildlife and nature/water conservation, food sustainability, pollution and the environment. If you would like to discuss these aspirations, then visit us here at the Careers Centre.

What career options are there?

A degree in these subject areas can provide a great foundation for many employment areas including animal welfare/care, health and education, as well as finance, human resources, management and uniformed services. The following professions are directly related to the study of animals, plants or the land:

Other areas to consider

Here are some examples of other careers that you may want to consider with a degree in either one of these subject areas:

  • Media
  • Education
  • Heritage
  • Tourism
  • Horse/Greyhound racing
  • Animal feed/medical sales
  • Betting offices

Where can I find employment, work experience and further information?

Getting work experience, honing the skills employers want and gaining employment is very important for any student,here are some sites to help you:

Further information

It is very important for students to find out as much as possible about their chosen sector of work and keep up to date with the latest developments.The following sites may be useful for this purpose and could also act as excellent resources for coursework: