Presentation Skills

Delivering an effective presentation takes careful research, planning and rehearsal. There are many things you can do in advance to boost your confidence and your delivery on the day.

You are likely to be asked to deliver a presentation in an interview because this allows the employer to see if you can confidently present topics/ ideas in an organised way and communicate effectively with others. Communicating well through your body language, voice and visual aids is just as important as showing that you possess knowledge about the topic.

Top tips

  • Read the information from the employer thoroughly.  It should give you the presentation topic, tell you how much time you have and what facilities will be provided.
  • Prepare your presentation carefully, ensuring that you research the topic provided thoroughly - this will help you to feel more confident.
  • Ensure that you don't try to cover too much. It is better to say a small amount well than a lot badly and often you will have as little as 5-10 minutes.
  • Ensure that your presentation is well structured with an introduction, main section and summary.
  • Think of ways to engage your audience. For example, you could start by asking a question or by stating a startling statistic.
  • Ensure your PowerPoint slides are clear, concise and not too text heavy.  Don't allow the slides to dominate your presentation.
  • Practise delivering your presentation to other people and ask them for feedback.
  • Avoid reading from notes.
  • Speak clearly and not too fast.
  • Be prepared to answer questions about the points you have made in your presentation.
  • Dress smartly and professionally.

To find out more

Download our guide to personal branding which provides guidance on how to create a positive impact through your non-verbal communication.

Also have a look at our range of books and resources in the Careers Centre or book an appointment with a Careers Adviser who can watch your presentations and give you useful feedback.

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