What Our Graduates Do

The Destinations of Leavers from Higher Education (DLHE) Survey is a national survey of everyone who has recently qualified from any university or HE college in the UK. 

Each year the University of Wolverhampton, on behalf of the Higher Education Statistics Agency (HESA) asks all UK and other EU leavers who have recently completed a course to take part in the survey. Leavers are contacted approximately six months after they have graduated to find out what they are doing in terms of work and study. The 2011/12 survey targeted leavers who had completed first degrees, postgraduate degrees and diplomas, and sub-degree courses such as HNDs and nursing diplomas between 1 August 2011 and 31 July 2012.

What do University of Wolverhampton graduates do?

The University's Careers and Employment Service produces an annual report based on the data collected. The following summary will give you the key results which are based on responses from 4028 leavers in the DLHE cohort.  

  • 87.9% of respondents were in employment and/or further study or training.
  • 75% of respondents were in employment of some kind; 59.2% were in full-time, paid employment.
  • 19.2% of respondents were continuing in study/training of some kind. 
  • 7.9% of respondents reported that they were seeking work or study.
  • 2.4% of respondents entered self-employment or freelance work. 
  • 4.2% of respondents were not seeking work or study.

Further information

The DLHE 2012/13 survey opens on 11 November 2013.  For more information contact Kunal Swani [Kunal.Swani@wlv.ac.uk]. 

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