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About the Scheme

Launched in September 2014 and inspired by Vice-Chancellor Professor Geoff Layer, our unique Graduate Teaching Assistant (GTA) scheme supports our strategy as 'the University of Opportunity'.

The scheme puts students first, by delivering quality support for student learning and supporting the wider student employability strategy.

  • The first scheme of its kind in the UK, it provides students with additional support during their transition into the higher education environment.
"GTAs are an important bridge between current students (we were there recently ourselves) and all of those dusty academics”  Graduate Teaching Assistant – Cohort 5
  • It also provides GTAs with career-enhancing knowledge and experience whilst on placements in colleges, academies, technical colleges, and during their academic studies on the PGCE.
"There is strength in being able to talk directly to students and their parents from the perspective: 'I sat where you are sitting. I am from where you are from. I doubted my ability to progress too but here is how I was supported to do that...'" Graduate Teaching Assistant, Cohort 2

What is the Graduate Teaching Assistant scheme?

The scheme is a professional development programme, studied part-time over two years, leading to the recognised teaching qualification award of PGCE in Post Compulsory Education, training and equipping GTAs to teach in Further Education and contributing to teaching and outreach activities in our partner colleges and family schools.

The overall purpose of the scheme is to assist and support academic staff in providing a high quality student experience which adds value to all stages of the learning experience.  The scheme aims to provide inter-semester academic support for recruitment, UCAS clearing and outreach activities.

At the University of Wolverhampton, we are committed to our students as lifelong partners in our vibrant community and educational process. The scheme is built upon this commitment (course fees being paid for by the University provided the GTA successfully completes the scheme) and encourages an active GTA Alumni Association and network.

The Graduate Teaching Assistant (GTA) scheme is available to University of Wolverhampton undergraduates (completed between June 2019 and August 2020) and it offers the opportunity to gain employment experience in an academic support role, for a two year fixed period.

What does a GTA do?

GTAs will primarily assist academic staff in providing a high quality student experience, which adds value to all stages of the learning experience.

GTAs will work under the supervision of an academic member of staff and be mentored by a subject specialist throughout the scheme.

By adopting more of an FE in HE approach to teaching, GTAs can:

  • help to bridge the gap between student and lecturer
  • understand the barriers and issues facing new students to higher education
  • facilitate seminars, face to face drop-in sessions and online support
  • provide students with guidance on study skills, academic writing and academic services
  • act as an Ambassador of the University and a role model to others in schools and colleges
  • make the transition to higher education smooth and seamless.

As well as providing additional support for students, during inter-semester breaks GTAs will provide academic support for recruitment, UCAS clearing and outreach activities.

Does this sound like the perfect next step for you? Find out how to apply.