These cancellation and refund guidelines are written solely for the purposes of bookings made for specific activities contained within the Career Development Week (CDW) of the University of Wolverhampton. They do not replace or supersede any other relevant policies or bye-laws, including the University fee liability, refunds, and debtor policy and/or our academic regulations.

Activities held during CDW range from events which are fully-funded by the University (who bears the cost) to events which are paid for by students. These guidelines apply to both examples, and thus all CDW events and activities.

By making a booking for a CDW activity you are acknowledging that you have read and understood these guidelines.

  1. Bookings for CDW are made individually, solely by the student for whom the place on the activity is intended. Students booking a place on an activity during CDW do so for themselves with the express intention that the place will be taken up.
  2. In circumstances where the place that has been booked cannot be honoured, for whatever reason, the student is required to contact the activity co-ordinator to inform them of their intended absence.
  3. Upon receipt of a cancellation of a place on a sold out activity the University reserves the right to re-allocate the place on that activity to another student, either one from a locally managed waiting list (if such exists in that case) or by re-opening the booking page for all students to access.
  4. Where the activity has a cost associated to it for which the student has paid, a full refund will be provided if the request to cancel the place has been received 14 days prior to the bookings closing (NB this is not 14 days prior to the event/activity itself). This date will vary according to the activity – such information is provided on the booking page for the associated activity. The place on that activity will then be re-opened for others to book as per point 3 above.
  5. When a cancellation has been made after that date, within 14 days of the booking for the activity closing, the provision of a refund will be discretional (within the behest of the Faculty CDW lead) and conditional upon the place booked being re-allocated to another student.
  6. When cancellations are made and refunds requested for reasons outside of the control of the student (for example sickness or bereavement) the refund will be processed at the discretion of the Faculty dependent on the timing of the request and the costs associated with the booking in question.
  7. On occasions when the University has to cancel a course or activity for which there is a student fee then a full refund will be provided to anyone who has previously booked a place.