University Statement of Preparatory Studies Pre Masters in Engineering

The International Academy is accredited by the British Council (Accreditation UK) for the quality of English Language provision.

As a student on this 12 month Pre-Masters course in Engineering, you will develop;

  • a strong foundation for study in your chosen subject area
  • academic language and research skills which will help you think critically, become an independent learner and successfully articulate your views

In this course, you will study a mixture of subject specific modules and more general modules that will deepen your English language and Higher Education learning skills. The subject modules are principally set at NQF level six, but may include an essential skills module from level 5.  The English language modules will include a focus on your subject context.

These will develop your capabilities to study in your chosen subject, at a level that will enable you to begin a postgraduate degree at the University of Wolverhampton or another UK University which recognises the programme.