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Examination of the Newborn (Level 6) Short Course

Undergraduate Credit Part-time 12 weeks

Undergraduate Credit
Start date(s)
5 October 2023,5 October 2022,3 February 2023,3 February 2024
Course specifications
Course length
Part-time (12 weeks)
Campus location
Walsall Campus
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Why choose this course?

Completion of the course enables healthcare professionals such as midwives, nurses, neonatal nurses and community specialist staff  to competently undertake a skilled examination of the newborn  that meets the requirements of the National Screening Committee Standards (2008) and NICE Guidelines (2006). The module aims to equip practitioners with underpinning theoretical knowledge to support the holistic assessment of the newborn in clinical practice.

This module is offered at Level 6 and Level 7 study. Both are studied on the same day.

Level 6 study assures employers of a registrant that is capable of undertaking the enhanced  responsibility of the assessment in clinical practice. Level 7 study will be considered towards scholarly progression to a Masters qualification.

2021/22 price - £866

Rooming  (module code 6MI014)

Attendance dates for Semester 1: 5.10.21, 6.10.21, 19.10.21, 2.11.21, 23.11.21, 14.12.21

Course subject to a minimum number of confirmed students.

What happens on the course?

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Everything you need to know about this course!

  1. Demonstrate application of knowledge of the anatomy and physiology of the newborn to neonatal screening.
  2. Critically appraise the enhanced role of the midwife/ neonatal nurse/specialist community public health nurse in examination of the newborn
  3. Demonstrate competence in all aspects of the examination of the newborn.
  4. Recognise deviation from the normal and implement the appropriate follow up action and referral pathways.

Location Mode Fee Year
Home Part-time £888 per year# 2022-23

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# Undergraduate part-time fees for 50% rate of study

Applicants should hold registrant status as a midwife, neonatal  nurse  or specialist community public health nurse with the NMC Nursing and Midwifery Council.

Applicants should have access to clinical opportunities to examine the newborn and support from an appropriately qualified mentor. 


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