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The Institute of Community and Society

Advanced University Diploma in Mental Health Practice for Approved Mental Health Professionals

Undergraduate Credit Part-time 1 year

The course will enable you to develop your knowledge, skills and values in mental health practices in order to enhance your capabilities within your own areas of expertise.

The course will enable you to develop your knowledge, skills and values in mental health practices in order to enhance your capabilities within your own areas of expertise.

  • Institute Code W75
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  • Start Date(s) 12 October 2020
  • Award Undergraduate Credit
  • Study Mode Part-time
  • Course Length Part-time (1 year)
  • Campus Location University of Wolverhampton
  • School The Institute of Community and Society

Why choose this course?

The course will enable you to develop your knowledge, skills and values in mental health practices in order to enhance your capabilities within your own areas of expertise. The course is designed to enable mental health professionals to develop and demonstrate practice in accordance with the published requirements of external professional, statutory and regulatory bodies in order to act as Approved Mental Health Professionals.

Please complete and upload the agency reference form when completing your application.

What happens on the course?

The course, over three modules covers the legislation, policy and knowledge underpinning the AMHP role. This is further supported by interaction with professionals, service users and academics who have a wealth of experience and knowledge in relation to mental health and mental illness. Other aspects of progressive learning will see models of mental distress, interventions and cultural competence.

Partner agencies also contribute towards the lectures, this includes the Police, Ambulance Service, AMHPs and agencies who work in the community with service users with a range of needs.

Course Modules

Potential Career Paths

Approved Mental Health Professionals undertake a range of duties under the Mental Health Act 1983. The Code of Practice to Mental Health Act (1983) states that local authorities should ensure that sufficient AMHPs are available to carry out their functions under the Act and that a 24-hour service is available. 

A local authority will approve an AMHP to act on behalf of the authority and will only do so if satisfied that the applicant has appropriate competence in dealing with mentally disordered people (MHA 1983 s114(3)). This can be demonstrated by successful completion of the course.

Additional Information

Everything you need to know about this course!

The Approved Mental Health Professionals Award is regulated by Social Work England. The original approval followed an in depth discussion with candidates, employers and service users- all of whom considered the opportunities to learn at Wolverhampton as positive and progressive.

The employers were confident in the way the course is designed, and candidates and services users who are involved in the delivery of teaching felt the course responded both positively and individually to each candidate’s needs. This supports the delivery of the course in respect of the fact that it can be undertaken at both Level six and at Level Seven.

At the end of this course you, the student, will be able to:

  1. Demonstrate critical use of knowledge and understanding of the legal and policy context of mental health practice.
  2. Demonstrate critical knowledge and understanding of medical, social and psychological perspectives of mental health practice including clear reference to service user and carer perspectives and cultural competence.
  3. Demonstrate critical knowledge and understanding of values-based practice and an ability to resolve complex ethical dilemmas.
  4. Demonstrate critical use of knowledge of evidence -based practice
  5. Demonstrate the ability to deal with complex and unpredictable issues systematically
  6. Demonstrate practice competence as determined by published requirements for AMHP approval.

All candidates will need to:

  • at least 2 years post-qualifying experience of mental health or related health and social care services; and

successful study to Diploma of Higher Education level

To be eligible for entry to AMHP training modules, candidates must:

  • be a social worker registered with the Health and Care Professions Council; or
  • be a first level nurse, registered in Sub-Part 1 of the Nurses’ Part of the Register maintained under article 5 of the Nursing and Midwifery Order 2001, with the inclusion of an entry indicating their field of practice is mental health or learning disabilities nursing; or
  • be an occupational therapist registered in Part 6 of the Register maintained under article 5 of the Health professions Order 2001; or
  • a chartered psychologist who is listed in the British Psychological Society’s register of Chartered Psychologists and who holds a relevant practising certificate issued by that Society.

(The Mental Health AMHP Regulations 2008, Sch 1.

  • be nominated by the local authority or other employer
  • meet locally agreed employer criteria for recruitment and selection.

Local Authority/Agency commitment to provide a placement.

Additionally an AMHP candidate needs to be able to undertake the appropriate practice requirements under the supervision of an employer provided practice supervisor and assessor.

The course is linked to two stand-alone modules.  It is recommended that one is taken before the Advanced Diploma. These are:

  • 6SO016 Decision-making & interventions for adults in a legal framework (L6);
  • 7SO009 Decision-making & interventions for adults in a legal framework (L7).

Social Work England

Approved by Social Work England (SWE) for the purpose of providing eligibility to apply for registration with SWE as a social worker in England.


If you don’t want to take out a loan to pay your fees or if you aren’t eligible to receive a loan, you might want to take advantage of the University’s scheme to pay by instalments: see How to Pay. For more information please contact the Gateway.

Your employer, embassy or organisation can pay for your Tuition fees:

If your employer, embassy or organisation agrees to pay all or part of your tuition fees; the University will refer to them as your sponsor and will invoice them for the appropriate amount.

We must receive notification of sponsorship in writing as soon as possible, and before enrolment, confirming that the sponsor will pay your tuition fees.

Financial Hardship:

Students can apply to the Dennis Turner Opportunity Fund. for help with course related costs however this cannot be used for fees or to cover general living costs.

Bursaries and Scholarships:

In addition the University also offers a range of Bursaries and Scholarships packages

You can find more information on the University’s Funding, cost, fee and support pages.


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