PG Cert Construction Law and Dispute Resolution


This course will provide you with an understanding of the legal framework within which construction organisations and projects are managed, including the resolution of disputes that arise. You will develop your capabilities to analyse the nature of the risks in construction, general strategies for allocating them and systems for managing their occurrence.
Depending on your choice of modules, you will develop your professional skills to be able to interpret contracts and appreciate the controversies surrounding commonly used standards forms of construction contracts. This will involve you gaining techniques for research and enquiry to create and interpret relevant aspects of construction law and contract administration. In addition, you will acquire the skills to review and critically examine the implications of complex construction case law relating this to real world settings.
Overall, the course will introduce you to aspects of practical dispute resolution processes as an advisor to or representative of the parties to the dispute, or as an arbitrator, mediator , adjudicator or other related dispute practitioner.