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MSc Web and Mobile Application Development

There has been a huge year on year growth in the IT sector and in particular in the area of the web and mobile devices. This has led to a corresponding rise in demand for skilled IT professionals in this area. This area because of its small initial investment costs also enables appropriately skilled professionals to start and grow their own companies

This technology based course is ideal for students who have a degree in Computer Science or a related field. The focus is on the  process from design of software through to deployment and a full understanding of the technologies that enable this. As a student you will experience a combination of structured learning with problem-based scenarios and research that will develop your capabilities for critical thinking, argument, creativity and encourage your innovation all of which are brought into the practical decision making processes encountered in this fast moving area.

Emphasis in this course is on obtaining real world professional practice skills, with a large amount of the course being undertaken in workshops utilising real world tools. Theoretical knowledge will be underpinned through case studies, lectures and seminars. Learning will be encouraged through the use of practical assignments and the underlying aim is to turn you into a professional who not only understands the theory of this technical area, but has real life and up to date practical skills and experience.