MSc Human Resource Development and Organisational Change

This course is essential for anyone engaged in the development of organisations through staff and stakeholders in current and future economic climates of change. Failure to understand the underpinning theories and practice of Human Resource Development (HRD) and Organisational Change will result in organisations failing to work in a proactive manner, become leaner and fitter, and maximise its human resource effectively and efficiently.

This award aims to develop your research skills for effective operation at a strategic level in an organisation, particularly in the areas of organisational development, change and transition. It will assist you in making a strategic contribution to any organisation and enable you to compete for higher level posts within the field of HRD.

As a student on this award, you will have the opportunity to initiate or improve your critical understanding of complex managerial, HR development and organisational change issues. This will be achieved through honing critical reflective thinking and developing robust, independent, personal and professional development skills.