MSc Cyberpsychology

We live in an age where there is an ever increasing reliance on technology. From online shopping and banking to maintaining family and friend networks, many of our daily behaviours now occur in the online world or are mediated by technology. As new and emerging technologies become ever more prevalent in society, it is important to understand the psychological and societal impact of using them.  

Our MSc Cyberpsychology is offered as both a full-time time and part-time option. The course will be of particular interest to students who wish to develop psychological insights into human interactions with the Internet and digital technologies, to be able to apply this knowledge in a wide variety of  real world contexts, for example education, cybersecurity, healthcare, online retail and in the gaming industry. The course is open to Psychology graduates as well as graduates from other cognate science disciplines (e.g. media studies, computer science), providing the foundations required to pursue a career in the field of cyberpsychology. The course will also be of value to anyone wishing to extend and develop their skillset in their current job and will be relevant to anyone who works within an organisation with an online presence or where understanding human interaction with different emerging technologies would be beneficial. 


Students taking this course will use some of the latest technology to enhance their learning and build practical skills. Our newly constructed Cyberpsychology Research Lab provides access to brand new Virtual Reality equipment (including Oculus Rift), state of the art gaming computers and consoles and a host of other contemporary technologies which can be used by our students for their research projects. Students will also have access to our Social Psychology Suite, which can be used for any type of research which requires the discrete observation of participants. The suite includes a one-way observation mirror, viewing chamber, remotely-operated video cameras, plasma screens, plus digital sound reproduction and mixing capabilities. 

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