MSc Clinical Medicine (Evidence Based Practice)

The MSc Clinical Medicine (Evidence Based Practice) has been developed by practicing NHS Consultants and Health Academics in consultation with NHS Trust Partners. The course is designed for practicing Medical Doctors and other Healthcare Professionals who are looking to develop and refine their clinical, leadership and research skills and develop understanding of effective teamwork and best practice. The MSc Clinical Medicine (Evidence Based Practice) aims to enhance innovation, leadership, teaching, learning, and research skills, thereby facilitating personal and professional development and strengthening participants’ ability to bring about positive change, solve problems effectively, and ensure patient safety. 

The Evidence Based Practice Masters will be differentiated from the other Masters routes by its structure, by the demonstration of a deepening understanding of Evidence Based Practice through 7WB001 (Work Based Learning) and 7WH109 (Clinical Governance) and their application to clinical practice within 7HW015 (the Masters dissertation module).

This course has a strong emphasis on the evaluation and development of both clinical practice and research, and encourages participants to reflect critically on workplace experiences in primary and/or secondary care. For participants, the course aims to provide a clear framework which supports CPD, recognition of prior learning and work based learning.

The course aims to provide a route that is also ideal for Doctors who wish to take a different speciality, to change medical career routes and for doctors seeking further accreditation of subspecialty expertise.