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Study with us at the University of Wolverhampton - a great place to start your journey to a bright and positive future.

We have a clear vision for our graduates and offer everything you need to succeed in a global economy. We aim to go beyond opening your mind and broadening your horizons - ensuring that as a graduate you'll be digitally literate, knowledgeable and enterprising, and have a global outlook on life.

We understand that service life brings unique challenges and that it can be extremly difficult to commit to studying a degree. The University of Wolverhampton offers distance learning, part-time and full time degree courses. 

The Armed Forces Degree listed below maybe of interest to Regulars, Reservists or Veterans. The course offers a well-balanced and highly relevant programme studying Britain’s Armed Forces and the history of warfare. 

The University of Wolverhampton recognises the experience and qualifications that Armed Forces personnel attain in service.

Distance Learning

For further information on the Accrediatation of Prior Experience and Learning (APEL) that the University can offer Armed Forces personnel see the BABM and MBA Course information leaflets.  

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