FD (Arts) Criminology and Criminal Justice

Criminology and Criminal Justice is the study of how crime is defined, why some people commit crime and what happens when they do. It is also the study of the police, the courts and penal system, as well as the prevention and deterrence of criminal behaviour.

Crime and its impact are at the forefront of current political and social debate.


The Foundation Degree (Arts) in Criminology and Criminal Justice enables you to explore the reality behind the newspaper headlines on crime and examine a topic which is relevant, topical and has real, practical application in contemporary society.


During your course you will study criminological theories and gain an understanding of the policies and practices within the criminal justice system in England and Wales. You will study a wide range of topics covering the legal and sociological issues of criminology and criminal justice, including, the operation of the criminal courts through punishment and sentencing policing of society as well as social inequalities and the law.


This course is also suitable if you are currently working in a related profession and want to enhance your existing knowledge and skills.