BSc (Hons) Palliative and End of Life

This course will develop your knowledge and skills in a way which helps you to bring together theory and practice in the field of palliative and end of life care.

Through developing your knowledge and understanding of symptom management, dealing with loss and grief, and through developing enhanced communication skills the course provides you with the essential professional values, communication and interpersonal skills necessary when caring for this client group. 

The course will enable you to enhance your decision making and to develop a broader understanding of current and future trends which impact upon the planning and delivery of care to individuals with a life limiting progressive illness and your role in supporting their significant others. This is achieved through studying modules which address the wider aspects of specialist palliative and end of life care, including research. Practice improvement is a strong theme throughout the course and as you progress and develop through the honours programme you are expected to highlight and recommend changes in practice, utilising the knowledge and experience gained during the programme.

The team of lecturer practitioners at Compton Care Learning and Development Centre will prepare you to practice in the 21st century by enabling you to develop your practice to meet the needs of individuals requiring holistic palliative and end of life care in a variety of clinical settings.