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BSc (Hons) Cloud Computing with Sandwich placement

Cloud Computing has increased in popularity and level of integration with other technologies in recent years. Many businesses are therefore considering the opportunities presented by cloud computing. In order to fully understand the complexities of both the technical aspects of cloud computing and how to integrate it into business settings skills need to be developed in this cutting edge field. 

BSc (Hons) Cloud Computing covers technical, legal and social aspects of cloud computing and security to ensure that graduates experience applying cloud computing solutions to real business problems. Computer security topics will enable graduates to gain an insight into networking and operating systems challenges to gain hands on experience in problem solving.  
Through our up to data teaching laboratories students will gain experience and knowledge through both theoretical instruction and practice activities. New and emerging technologies will be used in order to detect and migrate against security attacks.  Student will use virtualisation and a range of optimization and deployment tools to create cloud solutions. The security element of this degree will focus on using a range of operating systems and networking devices to determinate and mitigate against the security challenges that businesses encounter.