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BSc (Hons) Business Intelligence

BSc (Hons) Business Intelligence focuses on developing solutions for real-world problems associated with the changing nature of IT infrastructure and increasing volumes of data. Therefore the concept of Business intelligence (BI) is increasingly becoming critical in a range of industries to provide a competitive advantage and opportunities.  Through exploring a range of technologies such as Cloud Computing and Machine Learning, students will gain a greater understanding of technological advances, and how these relate to ‘Big Data’ and how data influences the decision making processes for businesses. From this degree, students will gain skills in the latest cutting edge subjects and technologies which will give skills and experience that can be transferable across different sectors.

Staff at The University of Wolverhampton are fully engaged in research projects and working with industry. This has highlighted that industry wants graduates with high level IT and technical skills but with a business focus.  The Business Intelligence specialism is acknowledged within the IT and business sectors as an increasing and exciting area, driven by the high demand for better services at a faster pace.