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Armed Forces with Foundation Year

BSc (Hons) Part-time 8 years, Full-time 4 years

This degree offers a well-balanced and highly relevant programme studying Britain’s Armed Forces and the history of warfare.

This degree offers a well-balanced and highly relevant programme studying Britain’s Armed Forces and the history of warfare.

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  • UCAS Code L25F
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  • Start Date(s) 23 September 2019, 21 September 2020, 20 January 2020
  • Award BSc (Hons)
  • Study Mode Part-time, Full-time
  • Course Length Part-time (8 years), Full-time (4 years)
  • Campus Location University of Wolverhampton
  • School School of Social, Historical and Political Studies

Why choose this course?

This degree offers a well-balanced and highly relevant programme studying Britain’s Armed Forces and the history of warfare. It is especially appealing for those planning a career in HM Armed Forces but it also provides a wide range of skills that are attractive to employers in the public and private sectors.

It is a requirement of the Armed Forces degree that during your three years of study at the University of Wolverhampton you will serve as a member of HM Reserve Forces (Army, Royal Navy or Royal Air Force) or the Officer Training Corps. As such you must meet the necessary physical entry requirements of HM Armed Forces.

You will study a wide range of topics including: contemporary warfare, command and leadership, counter insurgency and naval warfare. In your final year, you will complete an in-depth dissertation project studying key issues and problems relating to HM Armed Forces. In addition, your training in HM Armed Forces will improve your fitness, confidence and leadership skills. Furthermore, service with the Reserve Forces is paid at an attractive rate and provides unique opportunities for travel around the globe.

The foundation year of this course is designed to offer applicants who do not have the required qualifications, a programme which will equip them with a robust toolkit of academic, digital and personal skills required for successful study in higher education. It also provides an understanding of, and insight into, a range of disciplines that underpin their chosen programme of study. In the foundation year students will develop their ability to gain the most out of structured in-class study, and also to manage and evaluate their own independent learning. This wide range of transferable skills is of immense value in both undergraduate study and graduate employment. Upon successful completion of the foundation year, students will have the opportunity to develop their knowledge and understanding of their subject area to degree level.


New students and those who are undecided on which branch of service to join are encouraged to consider the University Platoon of 4th Mercian.

Details of other local Army Reserve formations.

Details of the Royal Navy Reserve.

What happens on the course?

Semester 1 Starters:


Year 1 (Foundation)

3GK003 Academic Skills (20 Credits)

3GK005 Critical Thinking (20 Credits)

3GK007 Wolverhampton and its People (20 Credits)

3GK004 The World at Work: Careers and Personal Development (20 Credits)

3GK006 Extended Project (20 Credits)

3GK008 Culture and Nationality in Conflict (20 Credits)

Year 2

4PL012 Contemporary British Military Conflicts (20 Credits)

4HS001 The Pursuit of History (20 Credits)

4WR003 War and the Modern World (20 Credits)

4PL002 British Military Reserve Forces (20 Credits)

4PO002 Introduction to International Relations (20 Credits)

4WR002 Thinking about War and Peace (20 Credits)

Year 3

5WR006 War in Europe 1939-1945 (20 Credits)

5WR007 Political Violence (20 Credits)

5PL006 Military Command and Leadership (20 Credits)

5HS010 The Great War 1914-1918 or 5WL001 Basic Language or 5WL002 Elementary Language (20 Credits)

5WR002 The Battle for Normandy 1944 or 5HS001 The Cold War or 5WR004 Terrorism or 5WL001 Basic Language or 5WL002 Elementary Language or 5WR005 Virtual Warriors: The Evolution of War Gaming (20 Credits)

5WR002 The Battle for Normandy 1944 or 5HS001 The Cold War or 5WR004 Terrorism or 5WL001 Basic Language or 5WL002 Elementary Language or 5WR005 Virtual Warriors: The Evolution of War Gaming (20 Credits)

Year 4

6HW056 Emergency Care in Action (20 Credits)

6WR007 Dreadnought to Enterprise: Maritime Warfare c.1900 to the Present Day (20 Credits)

6WR006 War Studies Project (20 Credits)

6WR001 Conflict Resolution in the Modern World (20 Credits)

6WR005 The Barbarization of Warfare (20 Credits)

6PO001 Democracy and Terrorism: Conflict Resolution in Northern Ireland or 6PO005 Security and Integration in the New Europe or 6WL001 Intermediate/Advanced Language (20 Credits)

Course Modules

Potential Career Paths

Through a combination of rigorous academic study and military training, this degree will provide you with a unique set of intellectual, social and practical skills that are appealing to a range of employers in the public and private sectors. Approximately one third of students who complete the degree commission as officers in Her Majesty’s Armed Forces. In addition, the course provides the academic background and scholarship necessary for postgraduate study at both Masters and Doctoral level.


Additional Information

Everything you need to know about this course!

The BSc (Hons) Armed Forces course is the only one of its type in the country. It offers a unique combination of academic knowledge and practical skills upon which you can develop your professional career in the civilian or military sectors.

The course is taught by a combination of leading academic scholars and experienced military officers that provide a fascinating and well-rounded learning experience.

As a graduate of this course you will be able to demonstrate:

  1. Knowledge and understanding appropriate to employment within HM Armed Forces;
  2. Understanding of the key concepts and theoretical positions that have been developed, or are developing, within the professional Armed Forces.
  3. A critical and reflective approach to the operational practices of the Armed Forces;
  4. A clear understanding of how historical events have shaped the development of the Armed Forces and the ability to make comparisons between the problems of the past and problems of the present on the basis of sound evidence.
  5. Build effective presentation, personal and social qualities to become a confident, digitally literate and enterprising graduate.
  6. Demonstrate a personal commitment to the professional standards of HM Armed Forces and recognise their obligations to the ‘services’ and society.

Location Mode Fee Year
Home/EU Full-time £9250 per year 2019-20
Home/EU Full-time £9250 per year 2020-21
Home/EU Part-time £2975 per year# 2019-20
Home/EU Part-time £3050 per year# 2020-21
International Full-time £12000 per year 2019-20
International Full-time £12250 per year 2020-21
International Part-time £6000 per year# 2019-20
International Part-time £6125 per year# 2020-21

The University is committed to a transparent fee structure, with no hidden costs, to help you make an informed decision. This includes information on what is included in the fee and how fees are calculated and reviewed

# Undergraduate part-time fees for 50% rate of study

2019 Entry

  • DD from A level
  • BTEC QCF Extended Diploma grade PPP, BTEC QCF Diploma grade MP
  • Pass Access to HE Diploma (Full Award)
  • If you've got other qualifications or relevant experience, please contact The Gateway for further advice before applying.
  • International entry requirements and application guidance can be found here

Other Requirements

It is a requirement of the course that you serve with a branch of HM Reserve Forces. This will require you to be a British passport holder. As part of your work placement application, you will be required to undertake a Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) Check and vetting by HM Armed Forces.  In addition you will have to undertake and successfully complete a medical examination and other assessments.  There are a number of conditions which may make you ineligible to join HM Armed Forces.

Students must have studied a minimum of two years post GCSE level. However, it is expected that some applicants will be mature students with work experience, who wish to further their career development. These applicants will be processed through standard procedures, which may involve an interview as part of the process. Please see for further information.

A satisfactory reference will be required as part of our selection process.

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The University also offers a range of Bursaries and Scholarships in addition to other financial support packages

Tuition Fees Loan: If you wish, you can take out a Government Student Loan which covers the full course fee. You pay it back once you’ve left university and your income is more than £25,725 (from April 2019). More information on repayments can be found at: repayments.
It’s available to eligible full-time higher education students and does not depend on family income.

The amount of the Tuition Fees Loan is paid directly to the University of Wolverhampton by the Student Loan Company.

Visit student finance on the website to find out more.

Self-funding: If you don’t want to take out a loan to pay your fees, you might want to take advantage of the University’s scheme to pay by instalments: see How to Pay.The funding available to you depends on when you started your studies and if you have been to University previously.

For more information please contact the Gateway.

Financial Hardship: Students can apply to the Dennis Turner Opportunity Fund ( for help with course related costs however this cannot be used for fees or to cover general living costs.


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