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BEng (Hons) Manufacturing Engineering (Accelerated)


This exciting new course has been developed with local manufacturing companies specifically to meet their needs. 
The aim of this modern manufacturing course is to develop students with a sound knowledge of manufacturing and the underlying engineering principles that shape current approaches.
Graduates from the course will be able to demonstrate a wide range of skills applicable to all aspects of design and manufacture including systems analysis, product development and manufacture, costing, life cycle management and sustainability/environmental concerns.
The course is specifically designed for those already working in the manufacturing sector working with sponsors who are able to support the many work based learning elements integral to programme.
You will experience analytical and researched methods of working in a manufacturing environment.  They will learn how to assess and make efficiency improvements and how to work in a sustainable environment within current legislation.  Their dissertation will enable a level of specialisation to suit their industrial sponsors or could lead to further studies at postgraduate level.



Applications for this course cannot be proceesed via UCAS.  Applications must be made directly to the University as this is an exclusive course designed specifically for industry.
The Apply Now link for January 2019 intake is for those wishing to start at level 6 and the May 2019 Apply Now link is for those wishing to commence at Level 5 only?.