BA (Hons) War Studies and Philosophy with Sandwich placement

The War Studies and Philosophy integrated joint course enables graduates to draw on both disciplines, using critical reasoning developed within Philosophy to engage with the debates and developments related to war, its causes, uses and how it may be avoided or concluded.  The course will enable graduates to sustain debates on the strategic, ethical and philosophical uses of war in both historical and contemporary settings as well as examine wider philosophical issues about the body, gender and identity.

As well as subject-specific knowledge, graduates will develop a wide range of key transferable skills including enhanced communication, analytical and technological proficiency. The degree encourages individuals to become digitally literate and intellectually curious, with the capacity to work both independently and as part of a wider team to understand, develop and apply solutions to both theoretical and practical problems. 
Such skills equip our graduates to use their knowledge in enterprising and profitable ways in their chosen careers and develop their roles within the wider community.