fashion student with cotton spools

BA (Hons) Textiles and Surface Patterns

 BA (Hons) Textiles and Surface Pattern is a highly creative course designed to equip you with the skills, attributes and passion you need to work within the broad, fast-paced, exciting world of cutting-edge textiles and surface design.


The ethos of the course is based on employability and creativity underpinned by hands-on textile design processes, studio based professional practice and contextual understanding. It allows you to develop as an individual designer and explore innovative design approaches, take part in industry relevant practical projects that offer insight into current design practice whilst encouraging speculative and creative risk taking in the design process.

This creative and challenging programme covers design for a wide range of contexts including:

  • Surface pattern design
  • Textile design for interiors
  • Print design for fashion. 


As you progress through the course you will have the opportunity to develop your creative identity via a curriculum that can offer you the choice of becoming a specialist in one of these fields or explore a wider range of approaches to textiles and surface design from a commercial or conceptual perspective.

The twenty-first century textile industry needs designers who have design intelligence, versatility and a range of skills incorporating both practical, hands on, material practice and the broader knowledge of product application, market awareness and innovation. This course is designed to offer that level of scope and diversity.

You will be exposed to a range of design possibilities through research, workshops, design projects, engagement with industry, personal investigation, product outcome to prepare you as designers for the opportunities the modern, global fashion and textile industry offers.

We aim to:

  • Provide an exciting, inspiring studio environment, encouraging student centred learning, creative expression and an emerging self-reliance in preparation for a career in the global fashion and textiles arena.
  • Provide opportunities for small group learning and one to one support from expert tutors throughout the course
  • Provide the opportunity to study a dynamic course that promotes individual creativity and collaborative work centred on textile design.
  • Develop creative thinking and risk taking.
  • Develop your skills in visual and contextual research, aesthetic awareness and design translation.
  • Promote professional involvement in the textiles industry via live briefs, placement opportunities and work based learning (including a sandwich option which provides the platform to integrate your personal creative expression with the needs of the industry).
  • Create an awareness of ethical business practice and design responsibility.

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