BA (Hons) Special Educational Needs, Disability, Inclusion and Childhood and Family Studies

If you have an interest in childhood, families, special needs, disability and/or inclusion and its systems then this course will develop your skills and knowledge required for a range of careers working with children, their families and the services that support them, in both education and social contexts. Students will also be able to identify and understand the challenges faced when trying to adopt an inclusive approach to all aspects of life, and how they can meet and address these challenges in a positive way as members of a diverse global society.

An international perspective is taken to the degree and students will also have the opportunity to learn about how other countries support children and their families and develop inclusive practice.

Whether you are new to this area or you have experience and you are looking for career development then this course will suit you.

This degree sits within an exciting range of Childhood and Family Studies courses we offer within the Institute of Education.


We offer our course, BA (Hons) Special Educational Needs, Disability, Inclusion, Childhood, and Family Studies PART-TIME which includes day time sessions. However if you would like to study more flexibly, for example of an evening, we offer part time Foundation Degrees in Early Years Services or Supporting Children in Primary Education at our college partners. 


For those who complete one of the Foundation Degrees mentioned above, this BA (Hons) Special Educational Needs, Disability, Inclusion and Childhood and Family Studies course is offered as a part-time two-year top-up (level 6 entry), enabling you to build on your previous Foundation Degree level studies to gain a BA (Hons) Degree. This is is offered in partnership with University Centre Telford (UCT)

This aligns with the part-time flexibility of the foundation degree, where lectures take place in the evening (6 -8pm) at UCT, Southwater One in Telford.