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BA (Hons) Religious Studies and Sociology with Foundation Year

The Foundation year prepares students for university level study. Successful completion of our Foundation course permits access to any of our Humanities or Media BA (Hons) degree courses, which include English, English Language, Creative Writing, Linguistics, Media, Philosophy and Religious Studies — many of which can be taken singly as specialist degrees or together as ‘joint’ degree routes. The Foundation year begins with modules aimed at providing transferable study skills and then, in the second semester, gives students the opportunity to study more specialist modules, with a focus on various aspects of Humanities and Media.

A degree in Sociology and Religious Studies offers you the chance to analyse and understand the complexities of the social world in which we live. During your studies, you will learn about those concepts, theories and methods essential to what we call a ‘sociological Imagination’, and apply your ideas to the study of religions in the local community, where you explore the issues that concern religious leaders and their communities.

Religious Studies provides the opportunity to study the major world religions and explore themes relating to the full range of religious belonging in the UK. As well as subject-specific knowledge, graduates will develop a wide range of key transferable skills including enhanced communication, analytical and technological proficiency. The degree encourages individuals to become digitally literate and intellectually curious, with the capacity to work both independently and cooperatively. These skills will equip graduates to use their knowledge in enterprising and profitable ways in their chosen careers and develop their roles within the wider community.