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BA (Hons) Philosophy with Foundation Year

The Foundation year prepares students for university level study. Successful completion of our Foundation course permits access to any of our Humanities or Media BA (Hons) degree courses, which include English, English Language, Creative Writing, Linguistics, Media, Philosophy and Religious Studies — many of which can be taken singly as specialist degrees or together as ‘joint’ degree routes. The Foundation year begins with modules aimed at providing transferable study skills and then, in the second semester, gives students the opportunity to study more specialist modules, with a focus on various aspects of Humanities and Media.

“It is not enough to have a good mind. The main thing is to use it well.”  - René Descartes

The Single (Hons) Philosophy will equip you with unique skills of thinking critically, rigorously and sensitively about matters of utmost importance in living a meaningful life with confidence. You will reflect upon fundamental debates on a wide spectrum of concepts in ethics, epistemology, philosophy of art and political philosophy, such as, self, reason, meaning, certainty, freedom, democracy, aesthetic judgement, and social justice. You will be taught by internationally recognised published authors in radical and transdisciplinary thought who will carefully guide you in drawing connections between ideas, concepts, arguments and theories within philosophy. Through engagement with great works of philosophy from a variety of traditions, European and non-European, decolonised and feminist, contemporary and historical, you will learn to address conceptual questions with the benefit of a comparative perspective. We aim to acquaint you with analyses of philosophical problems with a focus on bridging divides between traditions of doing philosophy. You will be introduced to radical and innovative strands of philosophy drawing links between the traditional and the modern in a manner that prepares you to step into the increasingly globalized world of work and companionship with self-assurance.