BA (Hons) History with Secondary Education (QTS)

This course provides a high standard of training and subject knowledge for those who wish to take up a teaching post in the secondary school sector teaching History.

  • It will give you both the history knowledge at degree level and ensure that those who are successful will be recommended for the award of Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) - the professional award required by all those who wish to teach in a maintained secondary school.
  • You will undertake both history modules at our Wolverhampton campus and periods of education-based learning at the Walsall Campus.
  • You will also spend at least 120 days divided between a range of schools at different times during the three year course.
  • As a trainee you will learn how to teach History to pupils in the 11-16 age range within the secondary age phase, with additional primary and post-16 enhancements.

History is a perennially popular subject in secondary schools and colleges, meaning there is always a vibrant jobs market for History teachers offering great opportunities for a rewarding and respected career in the secondary education sector for our graduates.

History is important: it shapes our lives and moulds our identities.

  • The History element of the course allows you to examine a wide range of themes and issues across a range of nations and periods.
  • Focusing on the cultural, political, social and economic aspects of historical change, you will be encouraged to study particular areas of historical interest and controversy in depth.
  • In your studies, you will learn the essential historical techniques of critical analysis, research methods and the skills required for handling and processing information.

This course complies with the statutory guidance from the Department for Education for Initial Teacher Training courses.