fashion student with cotton spools

BA (Hons) Glass and Ceramics

The BA (Hons) Glass and Ceramics course encourages students to develop approaches to practice based on ‘thinking through making’ where learning takes place through direct, responsive engagement with materials and processes, combining tacit knowledge of skills and craft with curiosity, speculation and reflection. 

The course at Wolverhampton is an intensive studio based programme, supported by technical workshops, theoretical engagement and a wide range of study visits and opportunities to promote and exhibit your work. The programme aims to support media specialist practitioners in glass and ceramics alongside students who want to work across media and subject disciplines and forge new relationships between conceptual and material approaches to practice.

Initially students are given opportunities to engage with materials and processes associated with glass and ceramics alongside related activities of print, drawing/image making and digital manufacture.  Increasingly students are encouraged to adopt more personal, informed and responsive approaches that will allow for diverse practice across a wide spectrum of craft, design and art contexts.

 The course aims to:

•           Provide you with an exciting and diverse introduction to contemporary Glass and Ceramics practice.

•           Support you to acquire specialist knowledge and practical experience of working in Glass and Ceramics.

•           Encourage you to test and explore different approaches to practice and to critically evaluate the relationship between idea, media, method and outcome.

•           Enable you to develop an individually negotiated practice informed by a relevant theoretical and contextual framework.

•           Produce informed independent and reflective practitioners who can adapt their knowledge, understanding and skills for a variety of professional contexts.