BA (Hons) Deaf Studies and Special Educational Needs, Disability and Inclusion Studies with Sandwich Placement

BA(Hons) Deaf Studies and Special Educational Needs, Disability and Inclusion Studieswill enable you to identify and understand the challenges faced when trying to adopt an inclusive approach to all aspects of life, and how you can meet and address these challenges in a positive way as members of a diverse global society. 

You will be able to:

  • Have opportunities to consider a variety of issues and perspectives surrounding working with deaf, deafblind and disabled people that you, as future professionals, need to be able to recognise. 
  • Study current policies, procedures and practice that you will be able to influence in order to develop inclusive strategies. 
  • Study all forms of deafness, the identity of deaf people who communicate in British Sign Language and those who do not.
  • Study in depth the Audiological and environmental technologies related to deaf people’s lives and issues of their language development.
  • Study relevant linguistic theory whilst learning British Sign Language Skills as well as Deafblind Communication and Guiding skills to prepare you for work in relevant domains.
  • Modules will be delivered using a range of interactive teaching strategies, in order to develop digital literacy and professional skills and attributes.