So, you’ve got your results, they’re not what you expected (they could even be better!), and you’re not exactly sure what to do next... Welcome to Clearing!

What exactly is Clearing, then? It’s easy to forget, in the build-up to and excitement of results day, that Clearing offers an alternative route into getting enrolled on to the course you want.

In short, Clearing helps you find an available place on a suitable course. From July to September each year, once you have your results, you can use Clearing to find out which courses have places remaining.

Your reasons for choosing to go through Clearing may vary, but the end goal is the same: to get that all-important place on a course at the University.

You're eligible for Clearing if:

  • you have applied for university places through UCAS but have not received any offers
  • you have not met the grades of your chosen university
  • you have declined the university places offered to you
  • you haven’t already applied for a place at university
  • you missed the UCAS application deadline.

Now that’s cleared up what Clearing is, how can you use it to get a place at the University of Wolverhampton?

Talk to us to find out more and apply directly.