Flexible Framework

All public sector procurement in the UK is required to achieve value for money and is governed by the public procurement rules to ensure that it is fair and open. In order to achieve value for money we must consider environmental, social and economic impacts within our procurement processes and utilising the Contract post award.

The Flexible Framework, the Sustainable Procurement Programme for the Public Sector, is a widely used self-assessment mechanism developed by the business-led Sustainable Procurement Taskforce, which allows organisations to measure and monitor their progress on sustainable procurement over time. Procurement are actively working towards Level 3 of the Flexible Framework, to find out more about the Flexible Framework please review the Guidance document; the matrix explains the requirements at each level that needs to be embedded in our processes to attain the required level.

Updates will be published during the course of review and also in our ‘Procurement News’ which is issued quarterly. If you would like to know more about this activity please contact the Procurement team.

For more information on how the University procures responsibly, please see the Sustainable Procurement Strategy Policy and Overview February 2017 (PDF 306K, Downloads file)

Last updated: August 2017.