New collaboration to boost next generation’s success

The University of Wolverhampton is proud of its latest measure that improves the employability of its students and prepares them for the rigours of life after study.

A new collaboration with the Institute of Directors (IoD) aims to establish a mentoring programme for students of the Business School. Members of the IoD are being encouraged to volunteer for the scheme and pass on their practical business experience to the next generation of businessmen and women.

It is hoped that the scheme will encourage students’ career aspirations, provide a deep understanding of the realities of business, as well as potentially provide future employment opportunities.

With companies seeking highly competent employees to fuel local economic recovery and regeneration, the IoD is eager to work more closely with the University of Wolverhampton at this time. John Phillips, Regional Director says: "The IoD is very keen to build on important links with education and we value our relationship with the University of Wolverhampton. We are enthusiastic about the mentoring programme we are about to launch with students. Additionally we value the opportunities for knowledge transfer between the University and the local business community. The Wolverhampton and Black Country economy is strategically very important to the UK but we can do much more to improve our competitive position and I believe we will make a strong partnership."

The IoD is dedicated to help produce high quality graduates who are committed to stay and work in the region, enhancing local competitiveness and productivity. The partnership also aims to improve communication between local businesses and the University, and to foster opportunities for knowledge transfer.

Dr Anthea Gregory, Dean of the University of Wolverhampton Business School adds: "I am delighted that the IoD has offered to support the School and its students in this way. Directors are inevitably very busy people and to give up their time is very generous but also indicative of their belief in the need to develop and inspire the next generation of managers. The benefits to students will be immense, what better than to be mentored by someone who has reached the pinnacle of their organisation or profession, our students will learn so much from this process.

If you are interested in joining the mentoring scheme, or to find out more, email: