Strengthening ties with India

Launched in July 2007, the Wolverhampton India Project brings together a number of partner organisations, including the University of wolverhampton, to undertake activities in India across three themes of trade, education, and sport and culture. The project’s objective is to initiate a wide range of economic, educational and cultural benefits.

Aiming to foster stronger trade links between Wolverhampton and India, the project highlights new market opportunities as well as inward investment and joint ventures between Wolverhampton and Indian businesses.

Opportunities for closer co-operation were recently formalised with the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding during a trade delegation in November to Bangalore, India. The Cities of Bangalore and Wolverhampton both have thriving aerospace industries and delegates were able to indentify many areas for future collaboration.

The Memorandum was signed by representatives from the Confederation of Indian Industry, Wolverhampton City Council and the University of Wolverhampton, and pledges to strengthen joint activates around trade and investment, inward investment missions to respective regions, the sharing of advice, support and supply data, and the mutual promotion of both regions.

The Wolverhampton India Project has also been instrumental in the decision taken by the State Bank of India to open a branch in Wolverhampton. The potential of locating in the West Midlands was recognised due to the large number of Indian companies investing in the region, and Indian owned businesses gaining a foothold in various local industries.