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PyroGenesys creates innovative biorenewable technologies for UK and international markets.

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PyroGenesys Ltd  is a biorenewable technology start-up founded by three Chemical Engineering graduates who first met whilst conducting cutting-edge Pyrolysis research at the Aston University European Bioenergy Research Institute (EBRI).

The technology converts waste biomass such as brewery, food manufacturing or agricultural/forestry residues into renewable heat, power and valuable commodities. The company’s mission is to help businesses profit from their waste, allowing them to generate more income which can be re-invested.

This promises to create many new jobs both in the UK and globally and benefit the communities in which those businesses operate whilst improving their local/national economies. In addition, the company can be proud of the huge interest from investors who are seeking to finance energy from waste technologies that they can see genuinely work. Moreover, PyroGenesys customers won’t need to find the full investment capital required to integrate this technology with their existing processes, as the majority will be provided by third-party investors.

The main challenge PyroGenesys faced was raising the funds required to develop their technology. ‘’Many organisations tell us that we are a too early stage which means we present too much of a risk for them to get involved until we can demonstrate that our technology works. However, if we can't get sufficient investment/funding in time we can't demonstrate anything!” – Simon Ighofose, CEO and co-founder of PyroGenesys.

The Smart Concept Fund Project exceeded the company's expectations, and in February 2018 the company received approval for a Proof of Concept Grant of £25,000, this is contributing to the fabrication cost of a prototype pyrolysis test-rig that will be used by PyroGenesys to further their current research into the development of carbon and bio-oil products. The prototype will also be used to test a wide variety of waste biomass residues from a range of agricultural, forestry and industrial sources. 

To this end, the company recently tendered and selected ICMEA-UK, a specialist prototype manufacturer to help PyroGenesys to build a system based on their proprietary pyrolysis technology. “We’re very excited to be supporting PyroGenesys with their development.  We have extensive experience in designing, modelling and building pilot scale, test and demonstration plant for renewable energy systems including pyrolysers, gasifiers, anaerobic digestion and fluidised beds; we’ll use all of this experience to help make this project a success.” said Malcolm Glendenning, Director ICMEA-UK.



Figure 1: PyroGenesys signs prototype fabrication contract with ICMEA-UK 

Front left to right - Claudio Amorese (ICMEA-UK); Simon Ighofose (PyroGenesys);                                                             

Back left to right - Dr Malcolm Glendening (ICMEA-UK); Dr Joseph Eke (PyroGenesys; Dr Muhammad Saghir (PyroGenesys)

“This machine will be used to perfect the design of a commercial-scale pilot plant and carry out the testing of a wide variety of waste feedstocks from UK and international companies who are interested in using the technology for waste treatment combined with renewable heat and power generation at their site.” – Simon Ighofose, CEO, PyroGenesys Ltd.

“It is fantastic that Smart Concept Fund is able to support companies such as PyroGenesys. Without this funding, companies such as this would be unable to carry out essential proof of concept work or progress would be much slower. The project is looking forward to seeing the positive environmental impact PyroGenesys’ work will have on the local area as well as internationally.” – Alana Correa, Smart Concept Fund Project Manager.

PyroGenesys is presently leading two consortia, one international and one which focuses on a UK local enterprise partnership (LEP) area. The consortia are both developing the supply chains and business models required to commercialise the energy from waste and value-added commodity producing technology developed by PyroGenesys in their markets.

PyroGenesys intends to use its technology to take large power consuming, waste-producing businesses either partially or fully off grid. This will automatically free-up and create additional power distribution capacity on highly constrained power networks, cheaply and quickly.

The Smart Concept Fund offers a Proof of Concept grant designed to support the commercialisation of new technologies. The Fund can award successful applicants a grant of up to £30, 000 at an intervention rate of up to 60% to help fund an approved product development project, subject to eligibility conditions. The Fund is open for applications and closure expected late 2019.

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