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The Future is already here... SOLVD is a new initiative between the University of Wolverhampton, Telford & Wrekin Council to improve knowledge and skills for the digital economy in the region, to improve productivity and profit.

We’re here to help your company to harness cutting edge digital technologies such as:

  • Immersive technologies (virtual, augmented and mixed reality)
  • Artificial intelligence (AI) & machine learning
  • Big data and analytics
  • Cyber security
  • 5G and wireless technologies
  • Internet of things (iot) and sensors
  • 3D printing and robotics

The digital world is constantly evolving: Make sure you keep up with the pace of digitalisation.

SOLVD is a new initiative between the University of Wolverhampton, Telford & Wrekin Council and companies in Shropshire, to improve knowledge and skills for the digital economy in the region, to improve productivity and ultimately, profit.

Watch more about this here: 

Introductory Video: 

Interview with Hugo Russell: 

The SOLVD project cuts across all sectors of industry and B-2-B commerce (we're sorry we are unable to work with business-to-consumer or B2C companies), which includes:

  • Businesses already working in the digital/technology sector
  • Businesses seeking greater understanding of how to adopt digital technologies as tools for growth
  • Businesses with digital/technology issues they need to solve

Telford & Wrekin Council have identified advanced manufacturing and engineering as a key growth sector; as such we'd particularly like to collaborate with this sector. 

  • Learn how emerging digital technologies can benefit your company.
  • Find solutions to your company’s headaches.
  • Identify high growth opportunities for your business.
  • Improve your confidence and understanding of ‘state of the art’ digital technologies.
  • Collaborate with University experts to find smart solutions to your everyday problems.
  • Develop new products and services.

Get up to £1100 of free consultancy advice from industry experts

Up to 12 hours of ‘deep dive’ business consultancy (support) will be available at no cost to all eligible SMEs across the area looking to innovate and grow by improving your company’s digital capabilities.

We will help you to develop a bespoke technology strategy and a technology roadmap for your company’s digital future.

SOLVD offers 12 hours of support per month to SMEs. These 12 hours will be delivered 3 hours /week (Tuesdays and Thursdays) for FOUR weeks either 9.30 -11.00 am or 11.30 am-1.00 pm. 

For companies based in Telford , please call or send an email to Mandy Swain (

For companies based in Shropshire, please call or send an email to Miriam Messiha (

Due to Covid 19, Workshops and Calls will be hosted on Microsoft Teams. Please click below for the software download.


Over the next two years, SOLVD will also be hosting technology-specific and sector-specific events - Please Get in touch if you have a specific requirement and we will endeavour to support you.

SolvD is here to provide long-term Research and Development (R&D) collaborations between Shropshire businesses and academia, to help you develop novel ideas, bringing new products to market and scaling-up in new markets.

Get access to up to £10,000 worth of academic consultancy, research and development expertise to support the development of your new digital product.

SOLVD will support your project by providing a bespoke package of academic expertise and support, tailored to your needs, to support the successful commercialisation of your innovation.

We will provide you with the conditions to grow, by creating a safe and low-risk environment to trial new technology that will enable innovative development of new solutions, products and services.  

Such commercially-confidential research is anticipated to be significant in scale, and may take up to 12 months to complete.
Successful applicants will gain access to expertise and world-class research facilities from the University of Wolverhampton in a confidential and impartial environment.

Demand-Led Innovation?

SOLVD is here to help ‘solve’ your company’s day-to-day challenges, allowing you to unlock new routes-to-market, secure investment and breakdown barriers to growth.
SOLVD will create an ecosystem of digital innovation in Shropshire, fostering a culture of collaboration between larger multinational corporations, SMEs, and start-ups, finding solutions to real-life problem statements.
SOLVD will stimulate and catalyse a pipeline of innovation activity, connecting your business to industry experts, investors and thought leaders in digital innovations.

SOLVD for Large companies:

Companies often lack the resources or operational experience to effectively innovate. Whilst we regret that large companies cannot benefit directly from the project in a financial sense, they are integral to setting problem statements that innovators will rise up to solve.

By using our proven funded services, companies will start to solve specific problems, foster a spirit of collaboration, in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Challenges of this nature are intended to be published and exploited.   

Get in touch to be on the list to solve problems now.

SOLVD will create an ecosystem of digital innovation in Shropshire, fostering a culture of collaboration between larger multinational corporations, SMEs, and start-ups, finding solutions to real-life problem statements.

SOLVD will stimulate and catalyse a pipeline of innovation activity, connecting your business to industry experts, investors and thought leaders in digital innovations.
Get in touch to find out more about this exciting initiative, and stay ahead of the digital innovation curve!

If you would like your business to be considered for support please complete the expression of interest form  and submit it to SOLVD team.

If you would like to discuss your proposal before completing the form, please contact the Project Team on 01902 32133 or email




SOLVD is a partnership between the University of Wolverhampton and Telford & Wrekin council, part-funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF)


Marches Growth Hub - Telford & Wrekin

Telford innovation campus
SB building
Shifnal road


Mandy Swain

senior business adviser

Telford & Wrekin Council



Marches Growth Hub - Shropshire

Shropshire Food Enterprise Centre

0800 998 1098

We take your data protection seriously. The SOLVD project has its own data privacy notice, which can be found here: SOLVD Privacy Notice (Word doc 59k) 


Leaflets can be downloaded here:


Strand 1: Workshops leaflet SOLVD flyer

Strand 2: Collaborative R&D leaflet: SOLVD flyer B

Case Studies

Some examples of SOLVD in action

Virtual Reality Simulation Systems: (VRSS)

Telford-based company, VR Simulation Systems were amongst the first cohort of companies to attended the SOLVD business support workshops.

Whilst VRSS were already considered to be industry leaders in state-of-the-art Virtual Reality, the company had evolved organically over many years, and the company had lost sight of some fundamentals of business strategy, with many internal processes no longer being fit-for-purpose. The workshops were therefore a useful bootcamp of forgotten fundamentals.

Through this initial diagnostic session, SOLVD also identified a need to provide VRSS with 1-2-1 bespoke business mentoring. We used the critically-acclaimed Innovate UK Innovation Canvas to provide a structured approach to business improvement and innovation, initially as a self-diagnostic tool to gain a better understanding of the company’s current challenges.

The innovation canvas adopts an iterative and non-linear model of innovation in a clear and logical way, allowing the company’s business leaders to critique their approach to innovation. This identified the key action points to improve and strengthen VRSS’s capacity to innovate, providing a clearer vision of the company’s admittedly already bright future.

Tim Luft, CEO of VRSS, commented: “We found the support offered to be first class. The project has allowed us to take the time to re-evaluate our commercial strategy and has enabled us to design a new sales process going forward, and harnessing the increasingly global opportunities of digital enterprise”

Purple Frog Systems video testimonial

Purple Frog Systems Ltd is a Telford-based business intelligence consultancy. Company Director Alex Whittles is a Microsoft MVP (Most Valued Professional) and Purple Frog were amongst the first cohort of companies to be engaged in the SOLVD project.

Purple Frog attended four half-day workshops hosted by SOLVD. Our digital business consultants identified and analysed the company, resulting in the development of a bespoke technology strategy and a roadmap for our new product’s digital future.

As part of this, we identified a specific need to build competencies around deep learning. 

Jonathan Fletcher, Business Intelligence Developer for Purple Frog Systems, attended further deep-dive workshops; the content was delivered by SOLVD and our delivery partner, the NVIDIA Deep Learning Institute, providing training that was tailored to their need. 

Jonathan commented:

“The NVIDIA tools that were used on the course were great, really user friendly. The speaker was good, and spent time explaining the how the deep learning tools worked behind the scenes.

The admin staff in the chat that were helping individual problems were excellent and solved all issues I had.”

SOLVD is continuing to collaborate with Purple Frog Systems Ltd through the project to deliver collaborative research & development for their next business endeavour.

Purple Frog Systems Ltd have recently seen high company growth as a result of the demand for business intelligence systems on an international scale: The future is indeed bright for digital companies:

Lockdown Cybersecurity is a provider of Cyber awareness training for all levels of business and a facilitator for obtaining comprehensive insurance cover, both helping to reduce business digital risk. They are in the process of developing a SaaS platform to widen their service offering.  

The company developed and structured their roadmap to build their platform but they haven’t got the expertise to build in the functionality and make it prototype. The company also wanted to validate the proof of concept, to help design additional layers of functionality.   

The SOLVD workshop was therefore a useful boot camp of understanding different ways of achieving and learning new technologies bringing a pool of expertise from the academia, advisers and other businesses to exchange experience and to widen their views of different industries.  

By the end of the workshop the company was able to refine their sales pitch, modify their roadmap and expand on their initial methodology, having had it validated through academia. 

Karen Morrall, Co – founder of Lockdown Cyber Security commented: 

"This programme made clear our business proposition, uniqueness, sharpened our pitch to stakeholders whilst providing the correct road map to build our prototype. The  SOLVD workshop provided us with new technology to use within our business, which adapted our business plan and brought it to life, maintaining our business agility and creating the roadmap to assist in the creation of our software prototype. 

Being Entrepreneurs in a start-up can be a lonely space. This initiative provided us a support mechanism. This experience has shown the value the University can bring, to start-up businesses, throughout its business journey. 

The expertise, technology, support and industry acumen which the University provided were invaluable for Lockdown Cyber Security."  

Lockdown Cybersecurity Ltd would like to thank the University for its on-going support and would highly recommend any organisation to go through this process. We look forward to working with the University in the future.