Fairfield Displays & Lighting Ltd


Fairfield KTP

Innovation is the culture at Fairfield Displays

Fairfield Displays, West Midlands, manufacture suspended displays based on cable/rod systems, for window property displays.


To extend and improve the product range to achieve growth through increased sales and customer satisfaction.


Jason Fernandes, a product design graduate, worked with the University of Wolverhampton to implement a design strategy to ensure continuous improvement and quality assurance. 


  • New products introduced
  • Improved existing ranges
  • New markets
  • Major clients retained & new ones attracted
  • Increase of £350,000, annual sales turnover 
  • Responsive, quality design service
  • Client relationships improved leading to business growth
  • Promotional brochure
  • Introduced to the Design Council
  • Environmentally-friendly materials/new "green" displays
  • Associate permanently employed by company

In their words

Nigel Fletcher, Managing Director of Fairfield Displays & Lighting Ltd

"The KTP project  helped Fairfield Displays create a culture of innovation within the company.  We have raised the profile of the company in the eyes of its clients and the new skills and knowledge acquired will benefit the company for years to come...".

Jason Fernandes, KTP Associate

"I was able to design the exhibition stand for the company, giving a radical new look to the company's brand identity.  The CAD and KTP training modules offered experience that would not have been achieved with any other standard work experience...".

David Henley, Senior Lecturer of School of Art & Design, University of Wolverhampton

"Research needs were  identified to develop strategic design solutions to support small and medium-sized companies.  Practical, illustrative case study material has been generated. The company supported the University with its annual Graduate Design exhibition in London in 2008 and 2009...".