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KTP with Severn

‌Success by design at Severn

Severn Partnership is a firm of Chartered Land Surveyors based in Shrewsbury. The company survey, measure and monitor data to produce high quality plans, sections and elevations. The company was established 30 years ago and work across the UK and overseas.





The company wanted to establish 3D modelling and building information modelling (BIM) as core services within its business. Severn envisaged that the new services could be facilitated through the introduction of a dedicated 3D modelling department. The company however, lacked the required level of expertise to develop the services.


Mark King was employed by the University as a KTP Associate to work for Severn as 3D Modelling and Visualisation Designer. A new dynamic 3D modelling department was created during the KTP, which paid significant dividends to the company.


  • 3D modelling related services equates to 15% of sales turnover
  • Company now able to offer professional 3D modelling and BIM services
  • Company now exploring previously untapped markets
  • New capabilities have opened up potential new revenue streams for the company
  • Associate employed permanently by company as 3D Modelling Project Manager
  • New postgraduate course in BIM has been established at the University of Wolverhampton.

In their words

Mark Combes, Managing Director of Severn Partnership

"From conceiving the idea through implementation to completion, this KTP has been the ideal vehicle for our diversification project. We have seen the benefits from increased workload, reduced risk through wider diversification & increased training and awareness for staff." 

Mark King, KTP Associate

"This project has been one of the most enjoyable & challenging things I have ever done. I don’t think I would have had half the opportunities to expand my knowledge and experience as I have had with KTP, Severn & the University of Wolverhampton."

Dr David Heesom, Department of Architecture and Design, University of Wolverhampton

"The KTP was an excellent experience. The knowledge developed has transformed some of the modules I teach and has led to a new postgraduate course in BIM being established. I would highly recommend undertaking a KTP to all academics."