Craig and Derricott Ltd


KTP project with Craig and DerricottCraig and Derricott strengthen their position

Craig and Derricott Ltd is a company with a long history of trading in electro mechanical switchgear.  Following acquisition by Victory Transformers and Switchgear of India, there has been a programme of investment and recruitment introducing new products and improving existing ranges.


To launch a new range of switchgear branded i-switch


Poonam Mehmi, a University of Wolverhampton Business Management graduate, was recruited as an Associate to support the launch of the new range into a highly competitive market. 


  • 35% increase in sales
  • Introduction of point of sale stands at 75 outlets
  • Development and introduction of new website
  • Online fast track ordering introduced
  • Assistance with IP registration
  • Sales targets exceeded despite economic downturn 
  • Associate employed permanently by company

In their words

Andrew Dolman, Managing Director, Craig and Derricott Ltd

"With the objective of significantly growing our industrial business Craig and Derricott have recently completed a two year KTP project focused on the development of our Sales and Marketing functions to support the introduction of several new products and to re-build our brand in the market..."

Poonam Mehmi, KTP Associate

"...Becoming a KTP associate has given me the confidence and skills needed to succeed in today’s fast moving business environment; it has also provided me with the opportunity to study for professional marketing and management qualifications."

Gavin Smeilus, Lead Academic, School of Technology, University of Wolverhampton

"The project enabled university staff to apply theoretical marketing concepts in an industrial setting and monitor the impact. This process is critical to developing a University curriculum that is relevant to the commercial world. We have developed an ongoing relationship with the company and continue to offer support now the KTP has finished"