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What do we do?

BECCI supports companies to successfully implement their ideas, strategy and practical leadership in what is an unfamiliar and fast moving competitive sector. We engage with companies, linking with our academic experts to drive product and service innovation with products and services that will contribute to the UK campaign to reduce our C02 emissions

Insulation Water Re-Use
Building fabric Water Treatment
Occupier behaviour Waste and resource management
Ventilation Smart Grid
Heating and cooling controls Environmental sustainability






  1. Do you have a product that requires further development or testing?
  2. Do you already have a product that you would like to showcase to potential customers?
  3. Are you looking for the opportunity to exhibit your product to potential specifiers?
  4. Would your company benefit from the support of a University to help you achieve your aims?


What support do we provide?

The BECCI project provides bespoke assistance to SME's within the West Midlands region and are working in or have products or services that support the transition of the Region towards a low carbon economy. Examples of the types of assistance provided through the project includes but is not limited to:

FREE support, minimum 2 days (12 hours) Workshops and events
Innovation and knowledge transfer Product development planning
BECCI research BECCI one to one mentoring
Assessments Equipment trials
Introductions to technology Industry news