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Case Study: J&R Property Management Services

J&R Property Management Services are a property development company, undertaking both new build and refurbishment projects.

The Problem

Often buildings use more energy than the design predicts, older buildings are particularly prone to faults in the fabric of the building. Building Research Establishment (BRE) research shows that these faults can account for 1/3 of the energy use in buildings.

J&R Property Management Services were keen to develop their understanding of the properties they build and explore new techniques to improve any hidden faults in their structures.

Support Required:
  • A technique to identify thermal leaks in existing buildings
  • How to repair these faults
  • Analysis of a real building to demonstrate the techniques
Support Delivered:
  • Air tightness test and thermal survey
  • Analysis of thermography data
  • Innovative new product development solutions and recommendations
The Results
  • The use of thermal imaging in conjunction with a blower door fan identified the thermal leaks
  • Finishing techniques around light fittings, windows and doors were important to good energy performance
  • Retrofit works, such as fitting cables for telephones and changes in plumbing, need to be inspected for air tightness
  1. Seal window frames and reveals using caulk mastic round all joints and corners
  2. Replace door seals, re-hang the back and the conservatory door
  3. Seal all openings in the building fabric for plumbing and waste water, from both the in-side and outside