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Case Study: Ecostruct


Ecostruct is a construction contractor and developer working with timber frame technology to deliver sustainable high performance energy efficient houses.

The Problem

Ecostruct proposed a new method of assembly for timber frame walls, with the potential of reducing cold bridging in the structure and providing better thermal performance. However, Ecostruct needed support with thermal and product design capability, to research and evaluate the idea.

Support Required:
  • Thermal evaluation of the idea
  • Market assessment—if thermal evaluation positive
  • Product design and testing
  • Exploitation (e.g. protection, partnering, marketing)
Support Delivered:
  • Thermal comparison assessment
  • Target market identified
  • Product installation method identified
  • Potential partners identified
The Results
  1. Savings of 10-12% heating energy in buildings
  2. Ecostruct are encouraged to build prototype and test/evaluate mechanical strength