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Multimedia Journalism Recording and Review

Once you have applied for our BA (Hons) Multimedia Journalism course and have been shortlisted, you will be asked to provide an audio recording. Following this you will then be invited for a review meeting. 

Hints and Tips in what we expect of your recording  

  • You can record yourself with your mobile phone, tablet or you can use any other recording device.  
  • You could start with “Good afternoon, my name is… and here are the top stories of the day.” 
  • Do some research by listening to some examples of a news bulletin on a radio station. 

All recordings must be submitted to, no later than 3 working days before the review date. You can send it via suggested file sharing platforms such as WeTransfer, Google Drive, Dropbox, Sound Cloud, YouTube etc. 

What should you expect from a review meeting? 

  • The review isn’t a process to be anxious about and is an opportunity for you showcase your skills and gain some insight and feedback on your work from us. 
  • You’ll be sent a link to your review meeting on Microsoft Teams via email in advance. In this email, there should be a 'Join meeting' link. Just before your review time, press 'Join meeting'. 
  • The review meeting will last around 20-30 minutes and will be with a member of academic teaching staff from the relevant department. 
  • Good luck! 

If you require further advice, contact the Conversion Team via, or the University's Gateway department.