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BA (Hons) Dance Audition Submissions

Once you have applied for our BA (Hons) Dance course and have been shortlisted, you will be asked to provide a digital audition (with a presentation for the master's degree)This material is an opportunity to show us who you are, your expressive physical ability and your potential.  

Hints and Tips in what we expect of your Audition material 

  • Read the audition brief sent to you by admissions carefully to ensure you understand what is required of the submission. You are not required to submit a presentation, only audition material. 
  • Submit no more than 3 digital files only to include the contemporary dance class exercise, 3-minute dance solo and your thoughts on a professional dance piece. 
  • If any footage is sent is in a group setting, then clear details need to be provided on how you can be identified in the group. 
  • You will be assessed upon elements such as quality of technical skills and your embodied understanding of the material given, Quality of performance skills in choreographic task, Ability to respond creatively to a task and ability to articulate answers clearly etc. 

All audition/presentation material must be submitted to by the given deadline given in the audition brief e-mail from Admissions You can send it via suggested file sharing platforms such as WeTransfer, Google Drive, DropboxSound CloudYouTube etc. 

Good luck! 

If you require further advice, contact the Conversion Team via, or the University's Gateway department.