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BA (Hons) Dance and Dance Science and Performance

If your application is successful you will be invited to audition. We understand that this may make you feel nervous but please don't be! We want you to enjoy the experience so we are here to put you at ease and help you to perform to your best. 

Here's some more information about the audition process and some tips for the day!


You will need to participate in a technique class and choreographic workshop. Be prepared to create choreographically on your own and with someone else in the audition.                                                                     

On the day of your audition you will:

  • Participate in a technique class.
  • Participate in a choreography workshop.
  • Take part in an interview where you will share your knowledge and experience of dance.
  • Have the opportunity to learn more about the course
  • Take a tour around our excellent facilities at the Performance Hub

Top Tips:

  • Check the timings and location of your audition. We are based on the Walsall Campus. Ideally arrive at least 15 minutes before your call time.
  • Come appropriately attired; loose, comfortable dance clothing is ideal!
  • Be prepared to work with staff and other applicants. We are looking for students who work well in a team and can listen to, and apply feedback.

We are assessing your...

  • Quality of technical skills and your embodied understanding of the material given
  • Quality of performance skills in choreographic task
  • Ability to respond creatively to a task
  • Ability to work effectively as part of a group
  • Ability to be analytical and insightful in discussion
  • Ability to articulate answers clearly