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Ticket Options

Click the link for a step-by-step guide to activating your fund

What are the ticket options?

You can view all the currently available tickets by going to Available Services.

The first section are for use on the Metro tram and National Express buses within the West Midlands Travel Network (see mTicket and Swift ticket choices below).

The second section of choices is a multi-operator list option which can be used on other buses.  Please see the link for details of which operators they can be used on.

The third section is where you can choose an nNetwork ticket which covers all buses, trams and trains within the specified area (again please see link to show areas covered).


The NXBus app allows you to download tickets purchased through your online account for use on your phone.

You then just show the ticket on the phone to the driver and he will accept it just like any other ticket. It replaces the paper ticket as no ticket will be issued by the driver, although it will be checked for validity.

After you have registered your account with National Express using your university email address (ending in you can choose what kind of "ticket" would be best for you.

Once you have decided to buy an mTicket and clicked buy and confirmed the purchase, it will go into your ticket wallet on your app until you want to travel at which point you 'activate' it.

The details of how long it is valid for will appear on the ticket on the phone.

When it expires it will automatically go into the 'Archived' area of the wallet but cannot be used again like an active ticket.

There are various options of tickets that you can choose from depending on where you will be travelling from and how long you want the ticket for.

These tickets are updated during the academic year to allow for plenty of choice whether you are a semester 1 (September) or semester 2 (January) starter.

There will normally be a 2 Term Ticket that will cover from either September to April or January to July.  This will normally be put at a special price.

You could also choose a 4 week ticket (which is valid for 28 days) or a single term ticket (depending on when you purchase it will depend on when it's valid for).

Alternatively, for an additional cost, you could purchase a ticket that includes travelling on the Metro Tram.

To view all currently available ticket please go to National Express West Midlands tickets

PLEASE NOTE: Please ensure you can download and use the app BEFORE purchasing any products:

You need to create an account on the app to use it, this is completely separate to your account but you must use the same email address.  

We have a step-by-step guide available for this at:

However, if it’s still not working, please contact National Express directly via the contact us link.

Please be as specific as possible in regards to your issue to ensure a quick response.

Swift Cards

Swift Card” means a transport smartcard that can be loaded with electronic travel Products for use on Participating Operator services and is issued by West Midlands Combined Authority.

If you do not have a Swift card already we will send you one with your first order and if you already have a suitable card then you can collect your purchase almost immediately using the Swift App for Android phones and tablet devices or one of over 80 Swift card Collectors across the region.

Simply place your smartcard on the red scanner at the front of the bus on each bus you board and wait for the green light to appear. 

You will not be issued with a paper ticket so the smartcard should be placed on the scanner every time you board the bus. 

Please keep the Swift smartcard separate from any contactless bank cards or other smartcards you may have when placing it on the scanner.  Please do not bend the smartcard.

There are various options of tickets you can choose from depending on where you will be travelling from and how long you want the ticket for.

These tickets are updated throughout the academic year to allow for plenty of choice whether you are a semester 1 (September) or semester 2 (January) starter.

You can purchase a student term ticket or one with the Metro Tram option (depending on when you purchase it will depend on when it's valid for). 

Please see Available Services for a full choice of tickets.

How it works

  • For £300 towards travel, your unique activation code will be emailed once you are fully enrolled.
  • Follow the weblink to register your account remembering to use your university email address (ending

Frequently asked questions ....

The email would have been sent to the email address you confirmed as being yours on e:Vision when you enrolled (not your University one unless you put that one down).  You can log in to your e:Vision account and check the personal information to see which one you put down and to make sure it is correct as well as to find your University email address if not known. 

If your email is incorrect or not there  please amend it under personal information on your e:Vision account and email requesting the activation email be resent ensuring you put your student number in the subject line.

If you believe that you should be eligible for the fund then please email ensuring you give us your student number and why you believe you should be receiving the fund and we will get back to you as soon as we can

In the first instance please have a look at the step-by-step guide: Activation Guide to see if this helps.

If you have been trying to log in from your phone we would also suggest that you try from a pc instead.

If after trying the above it still has not resolved your issue then please contact National Express directly via the Contact us page. 

Please be as specific as possible in regards to your issue to ensure a quick response.

Please be aware that it does take at least 24 hours for the code to then come through after you've received the choice confirmation email so please be patient - if you have not received it within a week then please email explaining this, ensuring you put your student number clearly in the subject line.

Unfortunately, once you have both chosen and confirmed your choice it cannot be changed so please do make sure you choose the correct option for you first.

We are sorry that the travel fund can currently only be used for services operating across the Travel West Midlands Network.  You can still receive the Travel fund and we would suggest that you can use this for part-journeys or other journeys across the West Midlands Network. 

Alternatively you can choose to donate it to our hardship fund, the Dennis Turner Opportunity Fund,  if you know you will not benefit from the other options.

You must activate your Travel Fund by 31st May (of your first year of study). Any Travel Fund codes not activated by the appropriate date will be withdrawn. 

Once you have activated your Travel Fund by that date, funds will remain in your account.

The fund is a one-off award to eligible students.  Once you have spent that amount, you can still use your registered account and top it up yourself. We hope that you will continue to use public transport for your commute to and from campus.

Please email if you have a query regarding the Travel Fund.  Please amek sure you put your student number on any correspondance.

Once you have clicked the link and created your account, if you have any issues please go to Contact us and put your details in as this will need to be sorted by National Express directly.