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Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Manual applications forms will not be processed without proof of identity.

If you are posting an application form you must provide both forms of ID listed below.

-A copy of a recent utility bill, telephone bill or bank statement with your name and current address. This must be dated within the previous three months.

-A copy of relevant pages from your current passport and/ or driving licence.

Please note - If your current name differs from your student name, you must provide documentary evidence such as a marriage licence or deed poll.

If you are requesting documents via the e:Vision task you do not need to provide ID.

You will pay for your documents when you make the request via e:Vision or the e-store. If you are not able to pay online then you should contact the Student Records Unit directly via who can advise you on an alternative payment methods.

Please note the Student Records Unit does not accept cheques or postal orders as payment.

Please see the Graduate Services web page for full payment details on each service we offer.

Our Student Records Unit can supply numerous documents to our alumni and external sources, including transcripts, replacment certificate, letters of confirmation and award verification.

Payment can be made by debit/credit card. Please note we do not accept payment by personal cheque or postal.

Document                           Price                     
Signed and sealed transcripts - September 1992 onwards £10 each per course
Signed and sealed transcripts pre-September 1992 £50 (for 2 copies)

Replacement Certificates

Letters of Confirmation £10 per course
Verified copies of transcripts and certificates £5 each per course
Module description £15 each per course

If you have not received your original certificate, please complete the task in e:Vision and specify that your name has changed.  You will be asked to supply evidence to support your name change i.e. passport/deed poll.  If you cannot log into e:Vision, you can download an original certificate request form from the university web pages.

If you have already received your certificate, you will need to complete a Replacement Certificate form and return your incorrect certificate to the University.  A charge of £35 will be made for this service and you will need to supply ID to support your original name and your new name.

Your transcript provides a list of the modules studied with levels, grades and credits obtained.

Current students should not apply for this document.

The university can confirm your award with a letter of confirmation. Letters can include additional information e.g. study dates and campus of study, on request.

Letters of confirmation are produced on official paper, contain award details and are signed by a member of university staff.

The task to request a Transcript/Letter of Confirmation includes a 'special instructions' box where you can enter details of any requirements you have or any specific information that you would like to be included.

These might include extra information you need to be included in your letter, e.g. dates of study, campus of study, or how the documents should be sent - some organisations require the university to sign across the seal of the envelope or include a reference number on the front.

If we have any queries or there are any problems regarding your instructions we will of course contact you. 

e:Vision: Requesting a document via e:Vision will be less time consuming and proof of identification will not need to be submitted. On e:Vision there is a short task to complete under graduation and the request is sent to the Student Records Unit.

If you have forgotten your log in details for your e:Vision account, the alternative method is the e:Store link.

E:Store: Requesting a document via e:Store will  require you to fill in the application form, you will then receive an email requesting proof of identification. Once ID is sent and accepted by the Student Records Unit the document request will be processed.

It normally takes around 7-10 working days to produce your Transcripts or Letter of Confirmation. 

Please note, during busy graduation periods (e.g. September, December and Easter) this may take longer.  

Yes, you can.

When you request your transcript/letter of confirmation there is a separate address box for this purpose where you can provide an alternative address.